The 'Wild 'N Out' Cast Daydreams About Their Future Fame And Fortune [Bonus Scene]


When Kevin Hart guest-starred on the "Wild 'N Out" premiere, he adamantly warned the cast that the show would NOT help launch their careers, but they clearly weren't listening. In this bonus scene from last night's episode, the up-and-coming comedians fantasize about the perks that come with being on a hit show, and discuss how they're going to spend their new "WNO" fortunes.

"We about to be on, y'all," James Davis tells the others of their impending success. "We about to be rocked out!" Spanky Hayes, who's been around since the early days of "WNO," is pumped to spend his dough doing what many wealthy women routinely do: rearranging his face! "I want to be so rich, I want to be ugly," he says. Er, someone please tell Spanks he ain't on "Real Housewives." Lauren Flans then admits she'd prefer to invest in some therapy for her "intimacy issues," though her recent kiss with Rasika suggests she's already worked through them. Finally, James insists jewelry is the way to go. "I need two watches!" he proclaims. All these ideas are well and good, guys, but you miiiight want to make sure the checks clear, first.

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