Caught On GIF! Dorion's 'Catfish' Love Triangle Packs A Triple Punch In The Gut


Alexis' reveal leaves Nev completely stumped.

When one man holds two hearts in the palm of his hand, somebody's bound to get hurt, but on last night's "Catfish," all three corners of the episode's love triangle felt the burn. Dorion had been talking to "Jeszica" for more than two years online without having ever met her in person, during which time he started dating the very real Raffinee, even moving in with her. Stuck between two women, Dorion decided he needed to come face to face with Jeszica, once and for all, in order to move on with one of them. But when Dorion traveled to Texas to sort things out -- a choice Raffinee admitted hurt her -- he got a whole bunch more than he bargained for.

With the help of Nev and Max, Dorion discovered "Jeszica" was a woman named Alexis, who, after admitting to lying about her photos and child, urged Dorion to recognize that her feelings for him were genuine. Dorion wasn't willing to hear her out, though, and re-committed to Raffinee, but not before Alexis gave him a good tongue-lashing because he withheld the truth about his relationship. It's a two-way street, pal!

Take a look at the fallout:


You thought hugs with Great Aunts were awkward? You clearly hadn't seen this.


Dorion can only slap his head in disbelief when he finds out "Jeszica" is actually Alexis.


Alexis pleads her case...


...but Dorion just doesn't want to hear it.


Alexis can only shake her head and accept the hand she's been dealt.

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