'Girl Code' Couple Chris And Carly Deem Black And Jewish The Ultimate Cultural Combo [Video]


To be in the presence of "Girl Code" couple Carly Aquilino and Chris Distefano is to learn the key to a lasting relationship: laughter. The two comedians are equally smitten, and their mutual admiration for each other perhaps most apparent when they're poking fun at the World's Most Clueless contingent, i.e. certain members of the "Rivals II" cast. In our latest "Challenge Screening Room," the deadpan tag-team go toe-to-toe with clever quips and game commentary, and find themselves completely confused/appalled by Trishelle's behavior on tonight's episode -- specifically, the fight she instigated with Aneesa over...well...does ANYONE actually know what that was over?

For some very peculiar reason, Trishelle felt it necessary to repeatedly point out Aneesa's ethnic background. She wasn't inaccurate in calling Aneesa "black and Jewish" -- Aneesa is, in fact, black and Jewish -- but the completely out-of-c0ntext statement served no other purpose than to welcome a big, black and Jewish elbow to the head.

"She's like, 'You're Jewish, you're black,' is that a bad thing? That's the best combination ever!" Chris tells Carly, who wholeheartedly agrees with her beau as they watch the scene unfold in the "Screening Room" clip below. "That's Drake!" she exclaims, citing the superstar rapper of mixed heritage. "You're white and annoying, Trishelle," Carly adds.

Watch the video for all of Chris and Carly's reactions to tonight's girl fight, as well as revelations about Chris's "saggy left boob" and crippling psoriasis.

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Photo: Lauren Weissler