The Best Fan Captions Of Lil Duval's 'Ain't That America' Laundromat Arrest [Photo]


Breaking news: Lil Duval of MTV2's "Ain't That America" has been arrested! At a laundromat. At least, that's how it appears in this still from tonight's new episode. Sadly, we have no other information to offer other than the image above, which is why we posted it on the Internets and left the speculation up to YOU guys!

After placing a call to action on Facebook, several "ATA" fans happily chimed in to put words in Duval's mouth -- he may have the right to remain silent, but we all know he'd never use it -- and needless to say, y'all didn't disappoint! Check out the best captions below, and find out why Duval's actually in trouble with the law on "Ain't That America," tonight at 11:30/10:30c on MTV2!

"Don't get arrested when you're on camera: 'Guy Code'" -- Jake W.

"Those pants aren't mine! This dry cleaner should go to jail! U see how short I m foo!" --Terrence B.

"I was just trying 2 see wat da mouf do." -- David N.

"Lil Duval recently arrested for dressing too white." -- Justin P.

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