'Catfish' Poll: Would You Have Taken Dorion Back After His Online Love Turned Sour?


Sting once sang, "If you love somebody, set them free," and on tonight's "Catfish," Raffinee did just that so her boyfriend of seven months, Dorion, could see if the connection he shared with his longtime Internet crush, Jeszica, was the real thing. Pretty generous of her, huh? But even more generous? After Dorion found out he'd been Catfished by Jeszica and crawled right back to his flesh-and-blood girlfriend (a move we saw coming from the first 10 minutes of the show), Raffinae actually took him back! Just a woman in love or a total doormat? You decide.

Raffinee's accepting stance on Dorion's "Catfish" investigation confused Sherlock and Watson Nev and Max from the get go, and they were concerned that her feelings would become a casualty of the circumstances. The Web detectives figured out pretty quickly that Jeszica was a fake, but Dorian still wanted to meet his "Catfish," Alexis, because maybe, possibly, something between them could be salvaged. Not surprisingly, that turned out to be a pipe dream, and a disappointed Dorion told Raffinae over video-chat that he chose her.

Raffinee was thrilled to hear Dorion's decision, but grew a bit of a backbone and told him she needed time to mull their relationship over. Skip to two months later and the couple was back together -- seemingly better than ever -- but we can't help but think that maybe Raffinee shouldn't have been so forgiving. It's not like the Internet is going away anytime soon, and Dorion seems like the type to chase perfection. Let's hope he learned from his mistake and finally realizes what a good thing he's got!

+ Would you have taken Dorion back if you were Raffinee? Tell us in our poll!

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