'Teen Wolf' Snackables: Gerard Makes A Pincushion Out Of Deucalion's Eyeballs [GIF]

If you've mastered the art of shielding your eyes through gruesome movie or TV scenes, you are hereby out of luck. The Internet's GIF phenomenon means there's no more squinting until it's over -- because it never is! -- and each week, we'll put the most dry heave-inducing "Teen Wolf" moments on loop, just in time for lunch. So grab hold of that bib and enjoy our latest "Teen Wolf" Snackable!


A watched pot never boils, so while lunch awaits, why not feast your eyes on the latest "Teen Wolf" treat: a man jamming hot arrows through another man's eyeballs! Making sparks fly while simultaneously blinding a werewolf is a recipe that never fails, and you can thank Gerard and Deucalion for sparing you the damage a heavier meal could have done to your waistline.

On last night's episode, Gerard described his history with the Alpha Pack to Scott and Allison, part of which included the brutalizing (what a surprise!) of a number of innocents. Yup, turns out Duke wasn't such a bad dude before...you know...being ambushed, poisoned and blinded, but considering the carnage above, we can't say we blame the guy for becoming a little bit ornery after the fact.

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