In Honor Of Cooke’s Impatient Bladder, Here Are 4 More Bodily Function Blunders From ‘The Challenge’

Whether you’re comfortably perched on the porcelain throne or performing wind sprints in a chicken suit, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. The “Rivals II” cast knows this well, but on the latest episode, they got a big, wet reminder when the game’s newest girl made a splash — literally — to prove just how determined she was to stay in Thailand.

Cooke’s certainly not the first rough-and-tumble “Challenge” competitor to have a bodily function breakdown. After some digging, we came up with four more instances in which Porta Potties simply wouldn’t do — take a look at some of the most embarrassing bathroom-but-not-in-the-bathroom snafus:

He Must Really Want That Car
Cooke isn’t the only one who’d rather wet themself than show weakness in a mission. Way back on “Battle Of The Seasons,” Timmy was so hell-bent on winning a car during “Hands On Saturn” that he let out a little bit of pee to ensure he wouldn’t be DQ’d for removing his hands and feet from a giant ice block. Hey, he was out there for hours — can you say you wouldn’t have done the same?

When Nature Calls, Spiders Answer
While Cooke and Timmy actually benefited from using Mother Earth as a toilet, peeing in the bushes bit Coral in the ass…or, more accurately, the foot. Just before the final “Gauntlet” mission’s gun went off, the cast prepped by relieving themselves in nearby foliage. Coral, who’s deathly allergic to spiders, was unknowingly bit by one, and later went into anaphylactic shock partway through the course. In the “Battle Scars” Special, she admitted her physical breakdown and ultimate disqualification were consequences of her unconventional squat-spot. Happens to the best of us…

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