'Most Dope' Rough Cuts: Mac Miller's In The Mood For Food...And Lots Of It [Video]

Squeezing countless hours of Mac Miller footage into only six "Most Dope Family" episodes was a daunting task for MTV2, and as you'd expect, a lot of great moments didn't make the final cut. But don't worry -- they're not going to waste! While you await the series' return, check in with Remote Control each week for never-before-seen video of the rapper and his pals.


Mac Miller is a big fan of the opposite sex, but there's no girl he cares more for than his sweet Mary Jane (no, not Spidey's girlfriend -- the other Mary Jane). Throughout their years-long love affair, however, the rapper has learned the hard way that too much Mary has negative side effects, such as cotton mouth, bloodshot eyes and -- as in this latest "Most Dope" Rough Cut -- a mean case of the munchies.

In the clip below, Ab-Soul insults Mac by rudely asking him to go fetch some ice cream (superstars don't take orders!), so Mac retaliates by making the most specific meal requests ever. "I'ma need a chicken sandwich. I need chopped onions...just the red ones, and aged cucumbers, if you have time. Then just, like, some ice waters, but with the cubes that got the shapes," he dictates to his friend. Unfortunately, Ab doesn't seem to have much experience waiting on others, and completely effs up his buddy's demands. "I got it. Filet Mignon, red peppers...and chili verde or some s**t?" he lists back to Mac. Did we mention short-term memory loss as another possible side effect?

On the bright side, it looks as if Mac would be satisfied with a cardboard and ketchup sandwich...as long as it came with his favorite herb.

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