2 Chainz Scores Some 'Wild 'N Out' Points Simply By Being Himself [Sneak Peek]


We're still getting to know the lay of the new "Wild 'N Out" land, but we have noticed one common thread among the ladies of the show: They're total scene-stealers! As you would imagine, the many funnymen in residence are chomping at the bit to date these gorgeous models, and that gave host Nick Cannon a genius idea for a game called "Let Me Holla." The rules are simple: Pick up a chick, score a point. Just like in the club!

Seeing that all of the "WNO" guys are smooth-talkers by trade, you'd think the game would be a cinch, but this sneak peek of Tuesday's episode demonstrates that sometimes it's not about what you say, but who you are. In the video below, Emmanuel "Kosher" Hudson uses a newfound celeb friendship to help him win over Rosa Acosta. "2 Chainz you so stupid," he says, pretending to talk to the rapper on his phone. "I know 2 Chainz," he adds. Rosa giggles at the shameless name-dropping and Kosher wins the point, but the round's not over yet. 2 Chainz -- the Black Team's guest-captain -- steps up for his turn. "I'm 2 Chainz," he simply says, making Rosa positively SWOON. See, like mom said, being yourself works every time -- if you're famous.

Check out the clip, and don't miss the full episode tomorrow night at 11/10c on MTV2!

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