Has The Story Of 'Teen Wolf' Derek Hale's Lost Love Changed Your Opinion Of Him?


Heartbreak is par for the course in high school, but in Beacon Hills, a messy breakup is cake compared to what can happen under a full moon. On tonight's "Teen Wolf," we finally got some insight into Derek's past when Peter Hale told a story of his nephew's younger days. It painted a completely different, almost human, picture of the Alpha we've come to know and sometimes fear, but Stiles was skeptical of the squeaky-clean persona Peter described, and we have to wonder if you are, too.

As Peter's tale went, teenage Derek was once in love with a talented musician named Paige. She wasn't too keen on the idea of dating the hyper-cocky Hale at first, but soon, Paige fell victim to his charms, and the couple became inseparable. Peter urged Derek to bite her, lest he lose her when she inevitably found out her boyfriend's true identity, but Derek refused. Still, his mother, the feared Talia, was determined to recruit the young girl all the same, and commissioned Ennis to turn her himself. Sadly, the bite didn't take, and as she lay dying, Derek -- in the ultimate act of selflessness -- killed her to end her suffering. For his having taken another life, his eyes turned a steely blue, and Peter says a bit of his soul darkened that day. Now thaaaat (sort of) explains it...

+ Has your opinion of Derek changed after learning of his lost love? Take our poll, and elaborate in the comments!

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