'Teen Wolf' Poll: Can Gerard Redeem Himself In The Eyes Of The Argents?


If Satan were to audition for "Teen Wolf," he'd probably have a good shot at landing the role of Gerard (or Deucalion -- we're pretty torn). Grandpa Argent revealed himself to be a real d-bag during Season 2, risking the lives of his family members in order to save his own ass from a deadly bout of cancer. (You know you're an evil butt-face when you spew this line: "When it comes to survival, I'd kill my own son!") To recap, G-Poppy's plan of becoming one of the all-healing supernatural backfired when he accidentally downed some mountain ash (Scott, our hero!) before taking the bite from a reluctant Derek. The old man oozed a couple gallons of mysterious black gunk, collapsed into a pile of bile and then disappeared, sparking fan theories that ranged from him being dead to him becoming the new Kanima.

Well, now we know: Lucifer Gerard is most definitely not dead: Chris Argent has him holed up in some secret room, where he's still got black goo pouring out of every orifice. Judging from last week's episode, the wheelchair-bound Gerard seems to know more about Deucalion than anyone, right down to the fact that in the '70s, the demon wolf bit an Argent, prompting him to commit suicide, probably so he'd avoid lycanthrope status. And now we fear the guy who'd murder his own offspring might be holding all the cards.

So, the question remains: Can Gerard's knowledge actually help Chris, Scott & co. take down Deucalion before he destroys everything in his path? And, if so, could the old man possibly get back in his family's good graces?

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