Comic-Con Inspires The 'Teen Wolf' Cast To Fly Like Superheroes [Photos]


If they ever decide to reboot "The Rocketeer," look no further than Tyler Hoechlin to star.

Whether they're kicking back with some Jack at happy hour or sporting fake nipple tats at San Diego Comic-Con, the "Teen Wolf" casties know how to have a fun time. And while only Tyler Posey participated in the spontaneous (and shirtless!) display of Triskele ink at this weekend's big convention, co-stars Tyler HoechlinHolland RodenCharlie Carver and Daniel Sharman tapped into their adventurous sides in other eye-catching ways.

During some SDCC downtime, the gang headed to the beach, strapped on some jetpacks and rocketed off to space, all the while documenting their superhero moments on social media. "Teen Wolf pack TAKES TO THE AIR!!!!" Holland captioned the action shot below of one of her pals surging into the sky. Unfortunately, the man behind Scott McCall was absent from the activity, but we're sure his new fianceé was relieved to have him landborne: TyPo's known to be rather accident-prone, and a groom in a body cast is not a good look!

Check out all of the pics!

Daniel Sharman and Charlie Carver hang ten before they blast off.

The "Teen Wolf" cast and friends hit the beach for some water sports.

A "Teen Wolf" castie shoots to the moon!

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Photos: Tyler HoechlinJetpack America and Holland Roden's Instagram accounts.