Snooki's Son Is A Spark Plug One Minute, Comatose The Next [Video]


Even the Energizer Bunny needs a battery replacement here and there.

You don't need a three-ring binder full of AP Physics notes to prove energy is cyclical -- just look at Lorenzo LaValle! Snooki's little guy, who's closing in on his first birthday, spent the weekend alternating between states of enthusiastic activity and total exhaustion, and if you pair the photo above -- in which he's fast asleep in the middle of a shag carpet -- to his animated, ninja-like video below, it's like watching newtons and joules recycle themselves. The power of science!

"He just passes out anywhere <3" Snooki tweeted, before the hyper beast awakened, expelled his inertia onto his poor ol' ma and she was forced to reconsider. 'Enzo's little love taps leave Nicole jokingly screaming in the clip like a terrified city dweller desperate to flee from an encroaching Godzilla. What happened to the Zen-like baby we've recently come to know and love? Eh, just as well -- we'll sure he'll be conked out in a bowl of SpaghettiOs in no time.

Check out the photo and video to see Newton's laws of motion in practice!

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Photo courtesy of @SnookiNic

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