Dorion Could Ditch His IRL Girlfriend If His 'Catfish' Proves To Be Legit [Sneak Peek]


The search for a "catfish" could be compared to a high-wire walk with no safety net, but one guy has a backup plan should his online love push him off the tightrope rather than see him to the other side. Dorion has been smitten with his Internet friend, Jeszica, for more than two years, but has been dating the very real Raffinee for six months, and in this extended sneak peek of the next episode, he'll risk his tangible relationship to find out if Jeszica is the girl he's meant to be with.

Nev and Max struggle to understand the idea that Raffinee, who is fully aware of Dorion's quest to find out the truth behind Jeszica, is content with competing for her boyfriend's affection, but Dorion feels her support is a testament to just how much she loves him. "She doesn't want to lose me, but she's willing to if that means I'm gonna be happy," he explains. Dorion says both women have been there to help him through his darkest moments -- including becoming homeless twice -- but that his heart always leads back to Jeszica, a strong single mother who reminds him of his own. "I don't know anyone who'd want to pass up someone like that," he says.

Can you sympathize with Dorion's story of being torn, or is he just being greedy? Check out the video, and tune in to the full episode Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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