MTV Twitter Roundup: Johnny Bananas' Ego Manifests Itself In A Bobblehead Doll


Johnny Ban-obble Head: The perfect stocking stuffer?

Is your desk lacking a bit of character? Bare dashboard getting you down? The answer to your prayers is finally here -- and at a fair price! Because one Johnny Bananas is simply not enough for many longtime "Challenge" fans, the man with ego to spare has Willy Wonka'd himself into tiny, plastic "Johnny Ban-obble Heads," and they, like he, don't look a touch shy. Superman allusion? We wouldn't expect anything less.

Elsewhere in the Twitterverse this week, "Teen Wolf" star Gideon Emery assured us that his evil character, Deucalion, could not be stopped, while Anastasia of "Rivals II" defended her elimination-round demise. And though Jessimae of "Girl Code" confessed she's suffering a sexual dry spell, Anastasia's competitor, Emily, took pride in her "Challenge" team's kinky CrossFit skills.

Check out what more of MTV's best and brightest had to say on Twitter this week:


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Photo courtesy of @MTVBananas

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