Tyler Posey Explains His 'Teen Wolf' Nipple Tattoos At San Diego Comic-Con [Video]


Sure, that's one way to show your 'Teen Wolf" pride, TyPo!

When we learned on last week's "Teen Wolf" that Scott McCall's red-tinted eyes meant he's a "True Alpha," we knew the lycanthropic world of Beacon Hills was about to be turned upside down. And, though the cast is on a mid-season filming hiatus right now, the actor behind Scott, Tyler Posey, seems to be going all method actor lately. At San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, he showed off two rather familiar-looking tattoos -- on his nipples -- and is sporting a decidedly more hairy look. (Oddly, none of this hinders his hotness in the slightest.)

In the MTV.com live stream clip below from SDCC, TyPo gets called out by host Steven Smith for his new body art, and is forced to explain the reasoning behind paying homage to Derek on his pecs. "I decided that it's time," he says. "My nipples have been too bare for too long." While Tyler generously exposes his torso to show off the Triskele decorations, he notes that his areola hair is tragically doing some damage to the temporary tats. So -- just like Stiles would help Scott in a pinch -- Dylan O'Brien lends a hand to gently caress the cracking ink...because that's what friends are for.

Check out the clip for all the shirtless action, and make sure to sink your teeth into more of MTV.com's SDCC coverage throughout the weekend!

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