Check Out The Action-Packed 'Teen Wolf' Mid-Season Trailer, Stydia Smooch Included!


As previously promised by the man, executive producer Jeff Davis, himself, "Teen Wolf" Season 3 has been quite the bloodbath, and we're not even at the halfway point! But if you think Boyd's untimely death will quell the murderous trope, think again, because the mid-season trailer -- which premiered at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday -- shows that Beacon Hills hasn't even seen a fraction of the mess that's about to rain down on them...all, seemingly, at the hands of mega-Alpha Deucalion.

"They're all gonna die, aren't they?" Allison asks Isaac in the video below, to which we say, PUH-LEASE don't kill anyone else unless it's, like, Gerard (again) or someone equally as sinister. Unfortunately, with all of the werewolf slashing and thrashing going on, not to mention the fact that Mama McCall -- while still alive -- is kidnapped and bound, we're worried Allison might be on to something. One silver lining, though? STYDIA'S FINALLY LOCKIN' LIPS! Let's just hope it's not because it was Stiles' last request...

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