That's What You Said...About MTV's Upcoming 'Teen Mom 3' Premiere

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Teen birth rates might be on the decline, but the struggles of young mothers remain the same, so when the "Teen Mom 3" trailer went live on Remote Control earlier this week, viewers were immediately reminded of all the ups and downs that Alex, Briana, Katie and Mackenzie went through on "16 and Pregnant." Addiction, domestic disputes and the possibility of marriage will all be addressed in the upcoming third installment of the series, and though the babies are all beautiful, their circumstances are sometimes anything but.

Old fans and intrigued new viewers alike hit up Remote Control and Facebook to share their reactions after getting a glimpse of what's to come. Take a look at reader input below, and tell us what you're hoping to see -- or not see -- when the show premieres on Monday, August 26 at 10/9c!

Remote Control:

"Not gonna lie, that made me wanna cry, but excited to see their stories." -- Jackie

"I CAN'T WAIT! I especially loved Briana's '16 and Pregnant' episode. I remember it made me cry to see what she was going through with her baby daddy." -- Lauren

"I would like to see one relationship work out." -- Susie


"Wow, these girls have more drama than ever. I seriously hope teens watch these shows to realize that teen motherhood is nothing to joke at." -- Anna N.

"I think it is something all teens should watch if they are planning on getting pregnant. It is no fun, just watch what these girls go through." -- Arline F.

"Am I the only one who started tearing up a bit for those babies? Such a shame that the teen dads act like that and are violent towards the mothers of their children." -- Cassie M.

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