Hear Mike 'The Situation' Recount His Mile-High Sex Snafu In This mtvOther NSFW 'FML' Video


If, while flying, you've ever been relegated to the middle seat or bumped by the flight attendant's mammoth beverage cart, consider yourself lucky -- at least you weren't blue-balled for the duration of a coast-to-coast trip. As part of mtvOther's new web series, Mike "The Situation" of "Jersey Shore" shares his most "FML"-worthy story in the video below, and his tale of the mile-high membership that never came to be should offer relief if you've never bothered to make a one-flight-stand. (Unless you actually have, and it was successful -- if that's the case, kudos!)

As the story goes, Mike quickly spotted a girl in first class that he felt qualified for a lavatory smush, and he sent her a bold proposal via text message. The airborne vixen was hesitant at first, but ultimately succumbed to his charms, only to find the line for the bathroom was longer than the flight path. After it cleared, the two were ready to flick the sign to "occupied" for as long as it took to get their mile-high wings, but then disaster struck. "All of a sudden, the stewardess looks at both of us and is like 'Uh-uh, sorry, guys! Not today!'" he says. "And I'm like, 'F**k my life!'" Hopefully he got an extra bag of peanuts as a consolation prize.

Check out the video and watch more episodes from the series!

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