Spanky Hayes And James Davis Explain The 'Wild 'N Out' Wildstyle Rage Phenomenon [Video]


While "Wild 'N Out" is mostly fun and games, the Wildstyle battle is no joke, and it notoriously brings out the worst in the cast, because it's the last chance they have to score points before DJ D-Wrek declares a winner. In the backstage interview below, James Davis and Spanky Hayes explain the wrath that bursts from the comedians during that final, rapid-fire round.

Newbie James says that any onstage interaction can serve as ammo for a good roast: "Maybe some of your jokes didn't work [or] maybe somebody gave you a side-eye in the middle of a commercial break, and the Wildstyle's that moment to just be, like, 'Man I'm about to bite your face with jokes that rhyme.'" Poetry never sounded so painful. Still, vet Spanky -- who has been the recipient of a "Wild" burn or two in his life -- insists all is forgiven in the end. "We love each other, but we hate each other at that point of the game," he says. Hey, when there's a championship belt at stake, all bets are off!

Check out the full interview, and don't miss new episodes of "Wild 'N Out" every Tuesday at 11p/10c on MTV2.

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