This Pic Of The 'Rivals II' Cast With A Real-Life Dumbo Proves That Baby Animals Can Heal All Wounds


Some of the "Rivals II" casties bask in the presence of a precious baby elephant.

When you've got a bunch of "Rivals" living together in a place as hot, humid and notoriously nihilistic as Thailand, some major drama is to be expected. But apparently, when the guys weren't strangling each other in the swimming pool and the girls weren't getting manipulated by CT, some genuine smiles emerged...because Thailand has BABY ELEPHANTS!

As the Internet knows all too well, any type of baby animal transforms even the angriest of humans into puddles of rainbows and bubble gum, and that's the vibe we're getting from this pic that Marlon, who's ready to tear Knight's limbs off in the sneak peek of next week's episode, shared earlier today. Not an ounce of beef is visible on any of the "Rivals"' faces in the midst of little Thai Dumbo! In fact, if we're being truly honest, it may actually be the happiest we've ever seen any of these people. Then again, this photo was probably snapped before someone accidentally stepped in a big pile of elephant poop...

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Photo: Marlon's Instagram