Learn How 'Wild 'N Out' Newbies Jacob Williams And Pete Davidson Went From Outcasts To All-Stars [Video]


Trying to fit in ain't easy when you're a teenager. Unless you've been blessed with looks like Ryan Gosling's or can shoot hoops like LeBron James, odds are your high school memories more closely resemble "Awkward" than they do "Laguna Beach." However, there's one clear-cut trait that "Wild 'N Out" fresh meat Jacob Williams and Pete Davidson say was their saving grace from the dog days of puberty: their funny bones.

In the interview below, "America's Got Talent" finalist Jacob shares how he managed to turn being the unwilling butt of jokes into a foolproof shtick. "Sometimes that gives me an extra advantage when I actually come up with a good joke, because [people] might have already been laughing at me, anyway," he says in his signature deadpan voice. Pete, whom you may recognize from "Guy Code," says that while the cool kids were partying, he was practicing his punchlines. "I just did shows, and, uh...look how that worked out, BITCHES!" As we learned from "Everybody Hates Chris," it worked out pretty well for Chris Rock, too.

Check out the full interview, and don't miss an all-new "Wild 'N Out" on Tuesday at 11p/10c on MTV2!

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