You Heard It Here First! Melissa Ponzio Of 'Teen Wolf' Would Be Down With Dating A Werewolf [Video]


Dating can be hard when you're a single mom, particularly if your only options are werewolves or zombies. On the most recent "FANtastic Show," hosted by Shantal Rhodes and Tyler Oakley, Melissa Ponzio, who plays Mama McCall, stopped by to break down the differences between dealing with werewolves on "Teen Wolf" and coping with an endless stream of flesh-eating corpses over at her second TV gig, "The Walking Dead." More importantly, she totally said she'd get romantically involved with a werewolf given the choice between the two, to which we say: Thank goodness, because we think the alternative is technically necrophilia.

"I would have to have some intelligent conversation as the rest of our life goes on," she explains of her preference, pointing out that the undead are total dolts. Later, Melissa continues her pro-wolf ways as she explains that, though Ms. McCall had some initial trouble dealing with Scott's lycanthropy, she's thrilled the mother and son have managed to sort things out so quickly. "I think that this season, it opens up their relationship more, because I feel like Mama McCall is a very accepting mom," she says, and adds she'd welcome the addition of a werewolf to her own family the same way. Don't get any ideas, Alpha Pack...

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