Nicole Byer's Main Reasons For Watching 'The Hills'? Drunk Sex And Drama, Obviously [Video]


We've already heard what RetroMTV Summer Brunchers Nessa, Jillian Rose Reed and Molly Tarlov have to say about their favorite "Hills" memories, and from Speidi-hate to eating ice cream while crying mascara tears, the one thing their examples have in common is drama, drama, drama. In the clip below, "Girl Code"'s Nicole Byer cites the many booze-fueled episodes full of sex and histrionics as the main reason she never made plans on Tuesday nights, lest she miss one of LC's raspy morning-after tirades.

"I love watching people get drunk and have sex!" she starts. Well, that's not a surprise, Nic! We already know how much you love sex. "Also, I love the drama. My life isn't filled with drama so I loved turning on my TV and being like, 'Oooh! Look at that drama!'" And as far as the "Hills" crew has come since their nights spent screaming at Les Deux (Lauren's basically the next Martha Stewart, K-Cav's smack dab in the middle of mommy and marital bliss and Speidi...spent all their money on the Mayan Apocalypse), we will always have not having Paris to remind us that, no matter how dramatic we think our lives are, they pale in comparison to the beautiful people of the Hollywood Hills. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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GIF: TheUniLife Tumblr

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