Knight's Cheap Gay Joke Sparks A Fire In Marlon On The Next 'Rivals II' [Sneak Peek]


Even though it's 2013, the question of sexual orientation can still captivate the "Rivals II" house as strongly as it did on the 21-year-old "Real World: New York." On the next "Challenge" episode, rumors that Marlon is bisexual start spreading, and when his former housemate Jordan confirms that Marlon has had sex with a man before, Knight's shocked. So, naturally, he uses the information to humiliate Marlon in front of the house, and in the sneak peek below, it's...not so well received.

During a game of cast member charades, Leroy can't manage to think of a way to act out "Marlon" because he barely knows him, so Knight -- who's no stranger to antagonism -- volunteers, and mimes oral sex on a man. "I thought it was funny, and the rest of the house heard crickets," he says of everyone's appalled reactions. Marlon plays cool at first, but in an interview, says he's not going to let it slide. "If you find something that is blatantly disrespectful towards other people funny, that's just a lack of character," he says. "I'm not gonna stand for that." We think we've got a new rivalry brewing...

Check out the video, and tune in for the episode Wednesday at 10/9c!

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