'Challenge' Poll: Do Cooke And Cara Maria Have An Advantage Because Of Their Blank Slate?


A handshake is one way to acquaint yourself with someone new; sticking your ass in her face while barreling through an obstacle course is another. After Cooke's "Rival," Naomi, tearfully left the game to be by her dying father's side, "Challenge" mainstay Cara Maria filled her place on tonight's episode, leaving Cooke with a stranger as a partner. The girls' connection was almost immediately tested with a trip to the Jungle -- and they survived it -- but do you think they have what it takes to live up to Leroy and Mike's rivals-but-not-rivals gold standard?

On the show's first installment, Leroy's original teammate, Adam, got sent home when he started throwing fists in the house. Leroy's close pal Mike was Adam's fateful replacement, and the beta-rookie team nearly went the distance, securing a spot in the finals without ever stepping foot in the Jungle. So, now that you've seen Cara Maria and Cooke saw through wood, blow plastic balls out of their mouths and laugh at Cooke's tiny bladder as a team, do you think they can uphold Mike and Leroy's precedent, or was their first elimination round win simply a stroke of good luck? Take the poll and let us know if you think this new partnership has staying power!

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