Carly Aquilino Is Sexy When She's Shaving, Fishing And Sunning Herself At A Junkyard [Photos]


We'll just go ahead and say it: F**k Maxim. For years, the laddie mag has been objectifying women within its pages, putting a pervy grin on every red-blooded male's face as he clears his bowels and other nether-organs, while simultaneously making every female who doesn't have a 26-inch waist and 32DD cup size (or, 99.999 percent of females) feel like utter toads. Full disclosure: We often cover the celebrities featured in such men's mags and marvel at their near-perfect bodies -- probably perpetuating the learned belief countless women share that they're not sexy enough to exist in a male-dominated world, so f**k us, too. However, today we're on a mission to reinvent the fantastical standard of beauty that both genders have set by proudly featuring a photo flipbook created by MTV's Guy Code blog, which makes light of lace panty-laden magazine spreads while at the same time proving that ladies don't have to strip down to their skivvies and pose on their knees to land a "Hot 100" ranking, at least in our book.

Check out Carly Aquilino, the most popular "Girl Code" comedienne on the GC blog, looking downright gorgeous while sunning herself in a junkyard, shaving her legs at a Turkish bathhouse and fishing for cans of Albacore tuna, and say no -- once and for all -- to magazines purchased as bathroom companions.



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Photos: Michelle Crowe