Is Sarah Screwing Her Team's Chances By Starting Up Another 'Challenge' Romance?


One would think that a person who landed herself a spot on "Rivals II" for a previous (yet misunderstood) "Challenge" flirtation would know better than to enter into another house hookup. One would think. So, if Sarah were here with us right now, we'd have to ask: WHAT THE F**K WERE YOU THINKING?!?!

Despite the mistakes of her past, at the end of tonight's episode, Sarah let her hormones get the best of her and decided to "cuddle up" with rookie Jordan, anyway. Oh, boy, here we go again! We're not questioning the vet's judgment just because her suspicious behavior during "Battle of the Seasons" landed her in hot water with her current team mate, Trishelle (oh, karma...) -- it's also because none of her "Challenge" boyfriends have ever helped her get closer to the finish line. In fact, it's been quite the opposite (thanks a lot, Vinny).

We're also not saying the girl shouldn't reap the benefits of being stuck in a house with a lot of attractive people. We're simply pointing out that her last "Challenge" bed buddy caused her to go home early not once, but twice, so it might be time to just focus on the game. Sure, she never actually messed around with Alton during "BOTS," but Trishelle tried to eliminate her simply for getting close to him. For such a smart girl, Sarah's got a pretty shoddy memory.

+ Between Sarah's paranoid partner and her own history of boy problems, is getting involved with Jordan going to mess up her game play? Or is their hookup totally harmless? Sound off in the comments!

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