Mac Miller Wants To Sleep With Snooki After His Stint On 'Wild 'N Out' [Bonus Scene]


Mac Miller and the object of his desire, Snooki.

On last night's episode of "Wild 'N Out," Mac Miller became the season's first guest winner, taking down head honcho Nick Cannon and the Platinum Team like a true pro. The "Most Dope" rapper is a longtime fan of "WNO," so he was ecstatic over the win, but this bonus scene shows that the guy was on a natural high (as opposed to his usual methods) long before heading into the Wildstyle round.

"I'm excited, man -- I'm about to be on TV!" Mac says in the clip below. Though he previously doubted whether he was a big enough celeb to compete on the show, his self-esteem was through the roof prior to stepping on stage. "Maybe I'll be able to, like...have sex with Snooki after this," he tells the camera. "I don't know. The possibilities are endless right now." Pretty sure Jionni (not to mention Snooks) wouldn't be on board with that, but failure to spark up an MTV romance is something Mac's used to... Doh! "Wild 'N Out" is slowly teaching us the art of the burn.

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Photos: NBC/ Rommel Demano/ Getty Images