'Hills' Fan Jillian Rose Reed Is Just Glad She Doesn't Have A Speidi In Her Life [Video]


Rumor has it Heidi Montag and husband Spencer Pratt have turned over a new leaf since they turned "The Hills" on its head, but even if the couple has decided to shun fame and embrace a simpler, humbler life, show fan Jillian Rose Reed of "Awkward" prays she never has to see them in person. Jill is the latest RetroMTV Summer Bruncher who's reflecting back on "The Hills"' heyday, and in the clip below, she says it's always a comfort to know that Mr. and Mrs. Pratt don't run in her social circle.

"Whatever problems are going on in my life...I can be like 'Well, at least my boyfriend's not cheating on me,' or, like, 'Well, at least Spencer and Heidi aren't in my life," she says. Sure, Justin Bobby had his loony moments, and Holly might have been slightly off her rocker, but when it comes to who best brought the insanity, Jill says Stacie The Bartender was right when she pointed to Heidi and Spence as the king and queen of cray.

"We all know nobody's as crazy as them," Jill says.

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