Is 'Catfish' On The Menu? Watch Lauren And Derek's First Face-To-Face Date [Bonus Scene]


First dates are a universal test of nerves, but nothing can compare to the immense awkwardness that stems from having dinner with someone you've known for almost a decade, but have only just met in person. Lauren and Derek proved not all "Catfish" tales are cautionary ones on last night's episode when the couple solidified a relationship that started online, and in the bonus scene below, they finally tell each other -- face to face -- just how much they mean to one another.

As soon as the maître d' seats the lovebirds, they waste no time diving right into the heavy stuff. "To me, I want you to know that it's real life -- through thick, through thin," Lauren says. "No matter what we go through, you are the one and only person that I want to go through it with." Lauren tells Derek she is a bit hesitant to throw it all out there if he's not as invested as she is, but he's quick to quell her fears. "It's not a fantasy for me either," he says. "I love you...a lot." Woah, this is something new -- how many first dates have YOU been on that included grand professions of love before the appetizers were served?

+ Check out the scene, and tell us again whether you prefer this type of happy "Catfish" ending over a more dramatic one.

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