Caught On GIF! Lauren's Fairy Tale 'Catfish' Ending Deserves A Second, Third And Maybe Fourth Look


Though Lauren was confident Derek was for real, the moment of truth still left her breathless.

Cinderella can keep her perfectly snug glass slipper: We've got a tried-and-true 21st-century fairy tale on our hands. On tonight's "Catfish," Nev and Max met Lauren, a single mom and perhaps the most confident person who has yet to call on them for help. Though the online detective duo had doubts about Lauren's Internet boyfriend, Derek, she wasn't shaken, and her instincts proved to be spot on. Derek was ultimately unveiled as...Derek!

The path from Texas to Maryland was certainly an emotional one. Lauren had given birth to a son and broken off an engagement during the eight years she'd been in touch with Derek, but her choice to risk the life she could have had for the one she wanted more paid off as soon as she saw him in the flesh, and the rest was only a fairy godmother short of the next Disney classic. If you've got a single tissue left that isn't soggy, relive it all through GIFs!


Lauren's instincts prove to be correct! Derek is the real deal.


Nev thanked Derek for proving his suspicions wrong.


Though they'd been talking for eight years, Lauren and Derek looked like a nervous new couple.


Head in the shoulder nook? Seems like a storybook ending to us!

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