Now That You've Seen A Happy 'Catfish' Ending, Do You Prefer It To The Usual Heartbreak?


We never thought we'd see the day when a "Catfish" suspect turned out to be the real deal, but on tonight's episode, pigs spread their wings and flew. Though Season 1 yielded a positive outcome or two, it wasn't until the moment Lauren and Derek made their eight-year long online relationship a flesh-and-blood one that we finally got an ending that gives fairy tales cause for jealousy.

When Lauren told Nev and Max that she broke off an engagement to pursue an IRL relationship with her off-and-on Internet love, the two (especially Max) were flabbergasted that a great girl like her would give up so much for someone whom she'd never met -- not even on video chat. However, Lauren was insistent that Derek was her one-and-only, and even when the web detectives uncovered a red flag (Derek's phone number was registered to a middle-aged man named LeVourne), it didn't shake her confidence. And it turns out Lauren's gut instinct was right! For the first time ever on the show, the "Catfish" wasn't a "Catfish" AT ALL -- he was just a normal guy who doesn't know how to work a webcam. There's hope for us all.

+ Now that you've gotten your first taste of a bona fide happily ever after, do you prefer it to the deceit and drama you've come to expect from "Catfish"? Or did you find yourself missing the typical WTF reveals, à la FramelLoydaGladys...the list goes on. Take our poll!

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