Watch The 'Wild 'N Out' Cast Get Rowdy During The Premiere's Post-Show Spreecast [Video]


Melanie Iglesias of "Guy Code" joined the raucous "Wild 'N Out" cast for some post-show hijinks.

Last week, we gave y'all a heads-up that Nick Cannon and his "Wild 'N Out" crew would be hosting a live Spreecast after the season premiere. Those who wisely took our advice to tune in know the chat was a blast, but those who ignored our invitation missed out big time. However, all's not lost -- we've embedded the rowdy post-show party below!

Throughout the first "WNO" after show of the season, Nick and the gang answered fan questions about the episode and everything else under the sun while sipping on (more than) a few adult bevvies. Nick even addressed the backlash he received following his Beyoncé burn (in which he called out her alleged Inauguration lip-sync): "The BeyHive turned up on me!" he said of all the angry tweets. "I didn't say nothing bad about Beyoncé. I was just having fun!" Keep back-peddlin', Nick, or Jay-Z's gonna getcha!

So put on a pair of headphones, grab a red Solo cup (age restrictions apply) and check out some seriously "Wild" antics below. Plus, don't miss tonight's live Spreecast hosted by cast members Emmanuel Hudson and Karlous Miller at 10:30/9:30c!

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Photo: MTV2's Instagram

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