Dylan O'Brien Dancing With His 'Maze Runner' Co-Stars Makes Us Feel Feelings [Video]

Any "Teen Wolf" fan worth their weight in wolfsbane knows the cast gets up to some pretty silly stuff behind the scenes, but Dylan O'Brien and his "Maze Runner" cronies might have just (temporarily) snagged the Funnest Casties Ever crown, thanks to a 16-second video making its way around the Web that features the Gladers body-rolling in unison.

In what could be the most wonderful glimpse of a movie's on-set antics to ever surface, Dylan can be seen front and center, gyrating in a choreographed dance that's like a dystopian "Electric Slide." We're not sure of the actors' motivation behind the rhythmic thrusting, nor do we really care -- we're just thrilled that it was brought to our attention.

Now, Dyl, we know you're a "Teen Wolf" writer these days, so do us all a solid and write yourself a dancing scene? OR A MUSICAL! We bet if Lydia saw those hips, she wouldn't think twice about making Stydia official.

Without further ado, feast your eyes on the "Maze Runner" cast cutting up the rug, and swoon away...

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GIF: My Big Gay Tumblog Tumblr