Kristin Cavallari Spills Her Husband's Dirty Secret: He Watches 'The Hills'! [Video]


Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler pose for a pic in the "Access Hollywood" green room.

For all we've heard and read about recently married couple Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler, we haven't really seen a whole lot of the newlyweds together on TV. However, we finally got a chance to catch them in action last night on "Access Hollywood," and Kristin's first order of business was, naturally, humiliating her hubby by outing him as a closet "Hills" fan. Can't say we blame you, Jay: RetroMTV is more addictive than cat videos on YouTube.

The NFL pro, who says he never saw "The Hills" during its original run, tells host and "Road Rules" Season 1 alum Kit Hoover in the interview clip below that the show has been a real education for him and the couple's son, Camden. "I didn't [watch], so I'm learning a lot right now," he says. "She'll leave, and me and Cam will turn it on just to see what mom used to do." Modest Kristin says she's not so keen on her men watching her party through her early 20s, but Kit assures Kristin that it could have been worse.

"I just gained 30 pounds on [reality TV]," she says. "I was chuggin' my Budweiser and eating Power Bars and Taco Bell." So...the "Road Rules" RV was heaven, then?

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Photo courtesy of @KristinCavOfficial