'Wild 'N Out' Newcomer Timothy DeLaGhetto Lays The Smackdown On Bossman Nick Cannon [Sneak Peek]


Nick Cannon may be the head honcho of "Wild 'N Out," but that doesn't give him a free pass on stage, and as intimidating as it might be for the cast members to face off against their boss, it's crucial they show no fear and bring their A-Games in the Wildstyle round. For some, this is easier than others.

In the sneak peek of Tuesday's episode below, newbie Timothy DeLaGhetto heads into his big battle swinging, with a one-two punch rhyme that knocks the man in charge down a few pegs. "You my boss, so you cool in my eyes, but you messed up when you bought this jacket in my size," Tim tells Nick, and before Nick has a chance to fire back, Tim opens up a can of "WNO" whoop-ass on the Platinum Team and their captain in one fell swoop: "You know me, so you know how I do's it -- you just like these battle rappers, you can't make good music." Youch. Let's hope Nick sees the Internet comic's bold initiative as reason for promotion, not termination!

Check out the clip, and find out how Nick retaliates against his fresh meat Tuesday night on an all-new "Wild 'N Out" at 11/10c on MTV2!

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