'Catfish' Sneak Peek: Will Lauren's Choice To Ditch Her Fiancé For Mystery Man Derek Pay Off?


Risking a bit of humiliation to meet an online love is one thing, but risking a flesh-and-blood fiancé is another one, entirely. On the next episode of "Catfish," Lauren, a sweet Southern Belle, tells Nev and Max she's been virtually dating a guy named Derek on and off for eight years, during which time she actually left the man she PLANNED TO MARRY in favor of her MySpace find. Sounds a little crazy to us, but in the extended sneak peek of Tuesday's new episode below, Lauren says it's a choice she could never possibly regret.

"We have this history, and we already know what we want together," she explains, adding that Derek has even declared himself ready to be a parent to her child, who was conceived during one of the couple's breaks. "I know what I want for myself, for my son, and I want that marriage with my best friend." Max says he's wary of the fact that Derek claims to be prepared for fatherhood, but still can't manage to video chat with Lauren, and Lauren agrees it's all the more reason to finally figure this whole thing out. "I don't want to go eight more years," she says. We don't want her to, either!

Check out the full first act, below, then tune in to the new episode Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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