Molly Tarlov Loved 'The Hills' Because Pretty People Had Problems, Too [Video]


It wasn't the sweeping landscapes or wild nights out that kept "Hills" fan (and "Awkward" star) Molly Tarlov glued to her TV screen every Tuesday night, season after season. In the RetroMTV Summer Brunch clip below, she says her favorite thing about the iconic reality show was learning that such good-looking people, like LC, needed to hug a pint of Ben and Jerry's on the couch after some heavy D-R-A-M-A the same way she did when dealing with the worst of post-adolescent angst. "Hills" girls: They're just like us!

"I love watching 'The Hills' because everyone is super-pretty. I love to see their hair; I love their clothes," Molly says, adding that she took a particular guilty (and, uh, sadistic) pleasure in seeing attractive people experience pain. "Whatever you're going through in your life, if you just sit down and watch one episode of 'The Hills,' you will see all of these beautiful people going through it also, and misery loves company." Well, if that was Molly's only criteria for a worthwhile episode, she definitely got her money's worth. Has there ever been an episode that didn't include at least one mascara-tinged tear?

Check out the video below, keep up with RetroMTV's "Hills" re-airings weekdays from 8 a.m. to noon and make sure to take off August 9th from work or summer school (or at least set your DVRs) to catch the story's alternate ending!

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