'Wild 'N Out' Superfan Mac Miller Says He's Stoked To Take Part In The Next Episode [Video]


The new season of "Wild 'N Out" kicked off with BOMB ratings, thanks to over one million of you who tuned in to Tuesday's premiere! And that esteemed group of fans just so happened to include the one, the only Mac Miller. In this backstage interview from the "WNO" set, next week's special guest says that, as a fan of the show growing up, he was not only pumped for its comeback, but humbled that his celeb status was big enough to land him a spot.

"There [were] a certain three shows that I feel like everyone, kind of, got home from school and [watched]...on MTV: 'Pimp My Ride,' 'Wild 'N Out' and 'Yo Momma,'" he says in the clip below. And now that Mac will battle Nick Cannon as the Black Team's captain, he can hardly believe he's been given the opportunity to grace the iconic comedy stage: "They bring it back, and you're like, 'Oh s**t, like, I'm a big enough celebrity that they would want me on that." Well, Mac, with a hit MTV2 show of your own and two successful albums, it's safe to say you're kind of a big deal.

Watch the interview and tune in for a new episode of "Wild 'N Out" Tuesday at 11/10c on MTV2.

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