Sex Ed With Nicole Byer: The World's Largest Breast Implants Could Double As A Dinner Table [Video]


Whether they're teensy-weensy mosquito bites or bordering on watermelon-sized, women never seem satisfied with their own set of boobs. There's a reason the topic of breasts was picked for the very first "Girl Code" episode: They are the biggest blessing and curse of a female's life.

In case you haven't noticed (maybe you've been blindfolded for months?), Nicole Byer is packin' some serious heat in the cleavage department, but today's final (*tear*) Sex Ed lesson has her cradling her tatas in thanks that her bra size doesn't come close to the largest on the market.

The world's biggest implants belong to Sheyla Hershey (link is a lil bit NSFW), and they're a whopping 38KKK. TRIPLE K. "That's like having a toddler hanging from your chest all day, every day," Nicole muses in the video below. Though she's horrified by the thought of dealing with breasts that enter a room minutes before the rest of you, she's still willing to sit down with Sheyla to talk out the pros and cons. "I want to meet her and have dinner with her, because we won't need a table." Fashionable AND functional -- now we get the appeal!

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Photo: Kirsten Maldonado