That's What You Said...About Whether Ramon Was Privy To 'Catfish' Loyda's Tricks

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Is every fool in love who falls victim to a "Catfish" totally innocent in the scheme? During the most recent episode, we pondered this very question, and (sort of) found our answer in Ramon. The Arizona casino employee was crushed to learn that his dream girl, Paola, was someone else named Loyda -- who was not his dream girl -- but after some digging, Nev and Max discovered that it wasn't such a new revelation. Ramon ultimately admitted that Loyda had tried to come clean on a number of occasions, but he refused to believe her. So we were left wondering: Did he know all along that Paola was a sham?

While we were dumbstruck by the episode's many twists, fans of the show seemed completely sure of Ramon's level of awareness. Check out some of the comments and theories collected on Remote Control and Facebook, and tell us where you stand!

Remote Control:

"I just think the poor kid is young and naive. He had in his mind the picture of the woman he thinks he fell in love with and didn't want to believe that Loyda was not the same person." -- Monica

"I think he always knew who she was during the show! For real, I was waiting for Nev and Max's reactions after they knew." -- Marillia S.


"I think he fell in love with the way she looked. Like, she said she tried to come clean multiple times and he was upset with the way she looked. He's shallow." -- Kiah G.

"I think he just didn't want to believe it. When things are going so good, it's kinda hard to wanna let it all go. I absolutely loved all the twists and turns in this episode. Was almost like a soap opera." -- Vanessa S.

"Yeah, I got the impression he was embarrassed to say that he was in such denial." -- Barbara G.

"I think he knew deep down inside but was so in love with everything he associated with Paola that he made himself believe the lie." -- Irene F.

"The whole thing seemed a bit sketchy. He knew...whether or not he wanted to believe it, he knew." -- Belinda F.

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