Veteran Corey Holcomb Teaches Newbie 'Kosher' The 'Wild 'N Out' Way [Video]


As a cast member on "Wild 'N Out," you've got to know how to deliver a quick burn, but you've also gotta know how to take one. And even though Emmanuel "Kosher" Hudson rose to fame with the "Ratchet Girl" anthem on the Internet, where anonymity allows for bold commentary, he told us backstage at "WNO" that he hadn't completely tapped into his inner roaster until coming on the show. "Being around the old Gs of 'Wild 'N Out,' you learn a lot," Kosher says of returning cast members like Corey Holcomb. "I'm taking some of this stuff back home," he adds. Beware, YouTube bullies!

However, Corey insists that the jabs aren't meant to scar one another for life, so the comics refrain from hitting too far below the belt. "If you got a hole in your shoes, I'm going to talk about it, but if I see y'all ain't got your rent money..." he starts out, before Emmanuel interrupts: "He's gonna talk about it."

"I won't bring that up just yet -- after you recover," the veteran jokester insists. How very considerate of you, Corey.

Watch the interview, check out Kosher's latest parody, "Classy Girls," and don't miss "Wild 'N Out" Tuesdays at 11/10c on MTV2!

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