Attention, Die-Hard 'Saved By The Bell' Fans: Zack Morris & Friends Are Getting The Cartoon Treatment!


The "SBTB" gang gets cartoonified!

"Saved by the Bell" has been continuously immortalized in reruns on several cable networks (including MTV2!), and now a brand new audience can enjoy the series in a different format, because the show's about to get a cartoon makeover -- in digital print! And this isn't just for comic book nerds, either. Even Mario Lopez, Bayside's biggest jock, is pumped. "Cool!" he tweeted when he found out the news. Guess school's back in session!

NBC Universal announced recently that it's partnering with Lion Forge, a digital publisher, to revamp five classic shows -- including "SBTB" -- as comic books, with 24 issues coming out between 2013 and 2014 for each. Wonder how Zack's trademark time freeze will translate into paper form? Will the audience's "oohs" and "ahhs" make it into print? These questions and more may be answered during Lion Forge's panel discussion, being held at San Diego Comic-Con, which runs from July 18 to 21! Looks like Screech's ninja superpowers were just a prelude to the "Bell"'s new animated direction.

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Photo: @MarioLopezExtra

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