'FANtastic Show' Host Shantal Rhodes Pleads For '#MOREDANNY' With Keahu Kahuanui! [Video]


With a steady stream of sci-fi celebs appearing on the "Teen WolfFANtastic Show, host Shantal Rhodes has done a pretty good job of keeping her composure. But as soon as Keahu Kahuanui entered the familiar basement setup, her professional disposition quickly melted away and we were left with the adorably shameless superfan we first met as the series' walk-on contest winner. Suffice it to say, she's got a little crush, and any of co-host Tyler Oakley's attempts to calm her down remain fruitless in the clip below.

Shantal's so in love that she starts her own "#MOREDANNY" campaign mid-interview by slapping a makeshift sign on Keahu's chest, yet, unfortunately, his character only has eyes for Ethan these days, in case you somehow happened to miss that heavy makeout session between the guys during Monday's episode. "It is probably the most unsexy situation you can possibly think...all the cameras and the crew and the lights," the actor says about preparing for such intimate scene work, adding that it took "lots of gum" to get ready, and that he refrained from eating because "it was shirtless." You heard it here first!

Check out the whole show to see Shantal completely lose it while Keahu talks more about Ethan and Danny's romance!

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