Nolan Funk Blinds Us With His Abs (And Metallic Speedo) In 'The Canyons' Trailer


With the second half of "Awkward" Season 3 on the shelf until the fall, we've been jonesing for more from our Palos Hills pals, especially the new guy, Collin, who might end up dragging Jenna down a rabbit hole that could spell doom for Jatty. Regardless of Collin's future as a maybe-home wrecker, Nolan Funk is dreamy all the same, and we're squirming in our seats over the fact that his new film, "The Canyons" is coming out on August 2. If the trailer below is any indication, we think we'll be seeing a lot more of Nolan (see the snapshot above for evidence) than we're used to. *fans self*

Nolan seems to have traded in Collin's cardigans for metallic Speedos (thank you, "Canyons" costume designer) to portray Ryan, an aspiring actor and model who becomes obsessed with Tara, Lindsay Lohan's character. While the erratic "Spring Breakers"-like clip doesn't show all that much, we have deduced...after watching it multiple times...that Ryan and Tara get it on -- in front of a camera phone (!). Oh, boy. May we suggest wearing pearls to the theater so you can clutch them when appropriate?

+ Check out the the trailer for "The Canyons" and let us know what you think of Nolan's racy new role!

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