Let These Lovely Ladies Who Brunch Guide You Through RetroMTV's 'Laguna Beach' Marathon


It's summer 2005, and you're an expert on all things "Laguna Beach." You know which Michelle Branch song serves as buffer between scenes, the very same North Face pullover LC sports is hanging on your closet door and you've developed more than a casual relationship with the slang term "dunzo!"

But eight years have passed since the show first aired, and Kristin, Stephen and the LBHS gang have since been tucked into a shadowy corner of your brain. Don't worry, though -- we're bringing it back into the light, because the series' summer marathon -- which is airing NOW -- includes expert commentary from some of our network's funniest chicks, who will refresh you on all the "Beach" basics and kindly ease your mind back into its golden teenage years.

Until August 9th, RetroMTV Brunch will air episodes from the reality show that invented D-R-A-M-A (as well as the reality show that increased said drama levels exponentially, "The Hills"), and Jillian Rose Reed and Molly Tarlov of "Awkward" will join "Girl Code"'s Nicole Byer and Nessa to dissect every breakup, joyride and trip to Cabo San Lucas along the way. No California stone will go unturned, and no experimental glue-in extension will go unmocked. Teenage angst AND complementary crassness? Is this heaven?

Check out a preview of the brunching ladies reenacting "Laguna"'s infamous voice-over narrations, and catch episodes hosted by the MTV peanut gallery weekdays from 8 a.m. to noon!

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