Kevin Hart Has A Harsh Message For The 'WNO' Newbies: This Ain't Your Big Break [Video]


The "Wild 'N Out" cast made several wisecracks about Kevin Hart during last night's season premiere, but deep down, we all know they look up to him (figuratively, at least). And although we hoped Kevin would rise above it and offer a pep talk for the fresh talent, in this backstage interview clip, he makes it very clear that "WNO" will not help them become famous. Hey, what happened to the power of positive thinking?

"This isn't a platform that's going to make them successful," Kevin told us rather bluntly. "Not because of the show, but because Nick is a greedy son of a bitch." Kevin's probably just pissed at the series' star because he was given such a tiny dressing room for his guest stint, so take his comments with a grain of salt, but he also maintains that the "WNO" host's tendency to hog the spotlight is going to be the downfall of the newbies...and that the only way to get out from behind Nick's shadow is to kill him. Er, how's that for some dark comedy?

Sooo... who wants to volunteer to tell Chico Bean and Karlous Miller the bad news?

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