'Rivals II' Poll: Is CT Messing With Diem's Heart?


Without fail, every time CT and Diem end up on a "Challenge" together, their intense love saga -- which rivals Bella Swan and Edward Cullen's by now -- picks up where it left off, despite the fact that the two just can't seem to make it work. The former couple have encountered numerous personal obstacles (Diem's battles with ovarian cancer, the death of CT's brother) in the past that have both brought them closer and driven them apart. Their bond is strong, but at a certain point, the emotional tug-of-war that's such a staple of their relationship always takes its toll and keeps them from experiencing a happily ever after.

On tonight's "Rivals II" premiere, CT and Diem wasted no time slipping back into old habits. Diem, who wasn't comfortable going wigless following a second round of chemo, melted into her ex's hulking biceps after he managed to put her anxiety at ease. It was a quiet, romantic moment, and "Challenge" vet Kenny Santucci appears rather touched while viewing the scene in the "Screening Room" clip below. But he also expresses frustration that his old friend seems to have fallen for CT's brutish charms once again. "I don't understand how she gets fooled every time," he tells his co-host, "Girl Code"'s Jessimae Peluso. "It looks like there might be some love though," Jessimae counters. We won't argue with that, but remember, CT has made it clear that he's very open to a wide variety of female entertainment -- especially if it means allies -- in Thailand. Getting around could just be his ticket to staying around.

+ So what do you think: Is CT messing with Diem's mind and is he bound to break her heart? Check out the video to hear Kenny and Jessimae talk it over, then take the poll!

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