Sex Ed With Nicole Byer: Celebrate Hump Day With This Repulsive Fact About Kissing [Video]


Remember in high school when getting Mono essentially made you as untouchable as hot coals? It's the bummer of all bummers that such a gnarly illness is transferred through one of the most titillating things you can do with (or without) your clothes on, but they don't call it the Kissing Disease just for kicks. And while we're sure she was a fan of making out at one point, after we asked Nicole Byer to read today's Sex Ed fact, she was ready to tweak the "Girl Code" to read that any and all lip-smacking activity means sure and sudden death.

The truth is, no matter how healthy you are, every time you swap spit with anyone -- yes, even the walking six-pack you met at the beach -- you're exchanging between 10 million and 1 BILLION bacteria. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to go enroll in the closest nunnery. Oh, and enjoy your hump day.

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Photo: Kristen Maldonado